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September 01, 2023   |  Events

Terry Lajaunie Memorial Pop-Up Library Launch

Lamar county is the 11th most populated county out of the 82 counties in Mississippi. It is home to over 65,000 people. LCLS is continuously striving to do more, and the Terry Lajaunie pop-up library gives LCLS the opportunity to serve our rural communities better.

A pop-up library allows us to extend our reach and visibility in an effort to allow the resources we possess to be obtainable by everyone. In most of the communities that we will be visiting, the poverty rates are higher and the demographics are more diverse. Without outreach these communities lose the benefit of a Library’s safe learning and social development we afford.

By utilizing the community centers in distant areas of Lamar County, LCLS will set up a full service mini library that we have named the Terry Lajaunie Pop-Up library. We have so named the Pop-Up to honor our late Assistant Director and Head of Technical Services, Terry Lajaunie. Terry did remarkable things for our system and the communities we serve.

Through Mississippi Library Commission’s Subgrant Program funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) we were able to purchase collapsible shelving, patron laptops, a staff laptop, and a scanner/printer/copy machine. Material for this library will come from a small portion of our collection budget, as well as material from our other branches. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, two LCLS staff members will set up a pop-up library in the communities of either Baxterville, Arnold Line, Greenville, Oloh, or Rocky Branch. Upon arrival to the community center we will set up patron computer stations, a circulation station, and the shelving units. Patrons and staff will be able to utilize the WiFi available at the Lamar County community centers or by a hotspot.

The Pop-Up will be a full service library and will be designated as its own branch. Patrons who visit our pop-up library will have all of the benefits afforded to those individuals who visit our other four branches.

It is our mission at LCLS to serve our communities fully, to do so we must immerse ourselves in these communities. This is one way we can.

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